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Community Futures Lethbridge Region is a community driven, non-profit organization that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of local business people who 
bring extensive knowledge and experience of the area’s economy. Our Board members represent our region’s
 population and main economic sectors. The role of the Board is to establish our organization’s priorities, monitor our performance, and 
be accountable to key stakeholders, such as local, provincial and federal governments.

Interested in becoming a board member or committee volunteer? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Community Futures Lethbridge Region's Board of Directors is comprised of up to twelve (12) residents from our member communities. The CFLR strongly encourages each of our member communities to provide our Board with elected officials. The majority of the Board is comprised of individuals appointed by the Councils of our member communities, and also includes Members at Large (preferably from our area’s local business communities) appointed by the existing CFLR Board Members. The CFLR Board is accountable to its member communities through its comprehensive representation of area economic development needs and successes.

Board Composition/Recruitment    

      Selection of the Board

  1. The Board will be comprised of one resident from each of the Shareholder municipalities plus two Directors at large. Directors must possess a good knowledge of the community and its people. The Directors must be prepared to commit time and energy in guiding the activities of the Company and be available on a reasonable basis for meetings. Each Shareholder community shall be entitled to nominate one member to the Board and when so nominated the other Shareholders shall ratify and confirm the election of such person to the Board. Communities shall be entitled to change or remove their representatives to the Board at their discretion and such appointments shall not be subject to term limits, provided that any term limits imposed by funders shall always apply. Alternatively, a member may delegate the right to make that selection to the Company. The Board shall also consist of two Directors at large who are appointed by the Shareholders at a General Meeting as required.
  2. Directors will preferably serve for a number of years to coincide with the civic election cycle, subject to ratification each year at the Annual General Meeting, provided that no director shall serve in excess of nine consecutive years. The two Directors at large shall be general community members and shall be elected to a four-year renewable term at the discretion of the Shareholders to be exercised at a General Meeting of Shareholders.
  3. If a Board vacancy arises, the Company shall submit a letter to the council of the Shareholder without director representation asking this council to appoint a new representative to the Board and such new representative shall be entitled to serve on the Board forthwith and the selection shall be ratified at the next General Meeting of Shareholders. The Board may fill Director at large vacancies through appointment by it but such selections shall be subject to ratification at the next General Meeting of Shareholders.
  4. CFLR will work towards having a well-rounded Board based on skills and gender.
  5. One role of the CFLR board is to analyze loan applications; therefore, we will endeavor to seek members with a working knowledge about running a business and finances.
  6. Members at Large Recruitment – Board will seek to engage someone with either an entrepreneurial, legal or accounting background (if these skills are not already being met on the existing board).
  7. Board terms will be reviewed yearly following the AGM.



Board of Directors

September 2019

Back row from left to right:  Steve Campbell - Lethbridge County, Ed Weistra - Village of Barons, Don McDowell - Town of Nobleford, Darlene Sinclair - Executive Director, Ron Fromm - Town of Raymond, Larry Nilsson - Village of Stirling, Rory Sailer - Member at Large. 

Front row from left to right:  Barbara Edgecombe-Green - Town of Coalhurst, Curtis Goodman - City of Lethbridge, Henry Doeve - Member at Large, Cathy Moore - Town of Picture Butte.

Missing:  Roger Hohm - Town of Coaldale, Brian Oliver - Town of Raymond.

Henry Doeve

Chair - Member at Large

Returning the CFLR Board of Directors, Henry Doeve, moved to Southern Alberta in his early 20s. Since 1981, he and his family operated a successful dairy farm in the Sunnyside area just east of Lethbridge.  “We chose this area for all of its great attributes,” he says. “The irrigation, the friendly people and, of course, the sunshine. We’ve been here for 38 years and never looked back.”
After several years spent establishing his business, Doeve decided it was time to give back to the community that had embraced his family and helped his operation become a success. He was appointed to the County of Lethbridge appeals board in 1996 and spent the next six years working to help resolve disputes involving landowners. He would serve six of those years as chairman.
Little did he know his first foray into politics would be a trial by fire.  “I got onto the Board right around the time that the feedlot expansion issue was coming to a head,” he says. “I had no idea I was going to be stepping into such a hornet’s nest. This was an issue that went beyond the County – it was gaining national attention.
“It was during those years that I began to understand the nature of what voters want from the people who’ve been elected or appointed to decision-making positions. In fact, the most important lesson I’ve learned in my years in government is that people really want two things: To be heard, and to be treated fairly.”
Doeve’s experience on the appeals board led to more involvement in public service. He was invited to join the Alberta Irrigation Council, where he has served for twelve years, and served six years on the Lethbridge College Board of Governors. During that time, the board oversaw the renovations of the Cousins Building and the hiring of Dr. Tracy Edwards as college president.
From 2007 to 2017, Doeve served on the Lethbridge County Council. “As a businessman and a farmer” he says. “I think discussion is important but when all is said and done, you need to make a decision.” Being a member of the County Council was about making those decisions and moving forward.

Curtis Goodman

Vice Chair, City of Lethbridge

An entrepreneur from a young age, Curtis started his own business ‘Project Goodman’ while in grade 5. Over the next 15+ years he transformed the business from primarily offering landscaping services to offering property management and business services. In this time he completed his Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Lethbridge in 2012. Curtis has a varied business background with experience, outside of his own business, as: Projectionist and Supervisor at the Wales Theatre; Information Technology Lab Instructor at the University of Lethbridge; and Office Manager at Thiessen Law Group. Actively involved with the CKXU Radio Society as a volunteer deejay and has served as a board member for four years (President and Treasurer). Founding organizer of ‘Love & Records' the largest outdoor record fair in Western Canada and a promising Lethbridge music festival that is now held annually in Downtown Lethbridge every September. Curtis can often be found between time growing his own business, volunteering in the community, and assisting friends and family in their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Steve Campbell

Director, Lethbridge County

Steve was born and raised in the Nobleford area, and currently operates the family farm that was homesteaded in 1904.  He is in his third term as a Lethbridge County Councillor. He and wife enjoy curling in their spare time and have two children.  He graduated with a Business Administration Diploma from Lethbridge College.

Corné Mans

Director, Town of Nobleford

Born and raised in the farming community of Southern Alberta, Corné shares ownership in the food distribution company Galimax Trading Inc. Located in Nobleford, the company works with local farms in Southern Alberta. As the mission statement shares; "Together with the team of sales staff, warehousing members and delivery drivers everyone at Galimax has a goal of sending high quality products from the best producers in Southern Alberta to customers within our delivery regions".

Corné spent six months working in New Zealand before finding his roots back in Southern Alberta where he attended Lethbridge College to achieve his business management diploma in April 2013. Elected to the office of council for the Town of Nobleford in 2019 he was appointed to represent Community Futures Lethbridge in the fall of 2019.  From day to day business activities to time spent with family and friends, the positive energy shared from within is transparent.

Ron Fromm

Director, Town of Raymond

Representing the Town of Raymond, newly elected Councillor Ron Fromm, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.  He is the Executive Director of Southern Alcare Manor, a third stage addiction recovery facility in Lethbridge.  With previous experience in the Credit Union System Ron is eager to contribute to the initiative of Community Futures Lethbridge Region and positively impact our communities.

Larry Nilsson

Director, Village of Stirling

Councillor Nilsson has lived in the Village of Stirling for 40 years. After graduating from BYU (Business Management) he worked for Bowman Distribution for 32 years and is now retired.  He served on the School Board for 18 years. Mayor of Stirling from 2003 - 2010 he is now serving his third term on Council.  

Doreen Lloyd

Director, Town of Coaldale

Doreen is married to Duncan ( 53 years).  They have two married sons and 5 grandchildren. Doreen has always lived in Coaldale where she has served the community in many capacities.  She is currently serving her first term on Town Council.  Other roles include three terms as School Trustee for Palliser Regional Schools, numerous terms as president of the Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations.  Doreen's main occupation was working as a realtor for 21 years.

Barbara Edgecombe-Green

Director, Town of Coalhurst

 Appointed to the Board in October 2016 Barbara brings a wealth of experience to contribute.  Barbara came to Canada in 1971 as a Northern Nurse Practitioner. While working in Northern Manitoba and NWT she completed a B.Sc. from the University of Alberta.  She moved to Edmonton, first as a Nurse Consultant for the Federal Government and then for Alberta Health, prior to coming to Lethbridge as Director of Nursing for the Lethbridge Health Unit in 1981. In 2000, she retired as Director of Population Health for Chinook Health.

Barbara has resided in Coalhurst since arriving in Southern Alberta, and was a member of the School Advisory Board before becoming a Town Councillor in 1984 and then Mayor from 1994 -2004. She returned to Town Council in 2013.

During her time on Council she has served on a variety of boards and committees including the Mayor and Reeves Committee, Emergency Management Committee and past Chair of the Oldman River Service Agency.

Rory Sailer

Director, Member At Large

Rory Sailer joined the Board as a Member at Large in January of 2015, he has lived in Lethbridge all of his adult life. Attending Lethbridge Community College then working at Scamper Canada in Design Engineering.  In 1982, he started Southland Welding Ltd. with his brother, manufacturing horse and stock trailers, cargo, gravel and grain boxes.  That grew into Southland Industries, Lethbridge Truck Equipment and Royal Trailers.  After selling his interest in Southland he started Chinook Country Trailers and worked with Southland and Lethbridge County servicing and completing infrastructure for the Broxburn Business Park.  Rory is currently President of a Commercial Condo Association and manages commercial buildings in Lethbridge and Coaldale.

Cathy Moore

Director, Town of Picture Butte

Elected to a four year term as a Councillor for the Town of Picture Butte in 2013, and as Mayor in 2017, Cathy has been in the community for 22 years.  She worked at the Scotia Bank as a customer service representative, the Picture Butte Golf Course reconciling the daily work sheets and the Town of Picture Butte as an office clerk.  She and her husband own Moore Industrial Water Treatment.  Cathy is also involved with the Picture Butte Transportation Society. 

Brian Oliver

Director, Town of Magrath

Re-elected to the Town of Magrath Town Council, Brian owned and successfully operated Magrath Paint and Body for 36 years until his retirement in July 2013.  He is the President of the Magrath Handi Bus on is on the Board of Directors of the Magrath Curling Club and a past Board Member of the Magrath Golf Club.  He enjoys curling, golfing, cycling and woodworking.

Ed Weistra

Director, Village of Barons

Re-elected Mayor of the Village of Barons Ed has been in the community for 10 years.  He owned and operated a transmission over haul business for 5 years. Ed has been involved with the Ag Society of Barons for a year, President of the Chinook Auto Racers for four consecutive years, worked with Habitat for Humanity and spent four years with the Hardieville Community Association. 

Board Criteria


To financially assist and support entrepreneurs and communities to foster economic growth.


To be a recognized, respected and a reliable community leader for economic and business development services in Lethbridge and surrounding areas.


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