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The Community Futures Lethbridge Region office provides small business services to people living in the Community Futures Lethbridge Region region. We offer a wide range of business loan options, training courses, personal business coaching and networking events. Most of these services are either free or available for a small fee. Some programs have specific eligibility requirements that are outlined in our specialized small business programs section. To get a sense of the wide variety of people that Community Futures helps, read our success stories.

At Community Futures Lethbridge Region we are always available to meet with entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs, to provide assistance and/or funding for local small businesses.

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Program Evaluation Highlights

In 2014, Community Futures program evaluations were undertaken on behalf of the federal regional development agencies responsible for the delivery of the Community Futures Program across Canada. The reports from these independent evaluations demonstrate the phenomenal results that Community Futures organizations are achieving in all parts of the country.  The following evaluation highlight offers insight into the impact we are having in our local communities.

Western Economic Diversification – June 2014

Community Futures-assisted firms outperformed a comparable group of non-assisted firms in terms of employment growth, survival rate and revenue growth. Between 2005 and 2010, CF-assisted firms had an average employment growth rate of 9.5% compared to 4.2% for non-assisted firms.  CF-assisted firms had a survival rate of 76% five years after start-up compared to 60% for non-assisted firms, as well as a revenue growth rate of 13.8% compared to 6.1% for non-assisted firms.

Overall, CF loan clients leveraged $1.2 for every dollar disbursed by the CFs. Based on the total of all leveraged amounts for all CF activities, the Community Futures Program leveraged $4.6 for every dollar spent by the department.

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